100% Bonus

100% Bonus

terms and conditions

100% Bonus is manually credited to customer's account upon a request in the support email( Bonus funds are reflected in "Credit" section in the trading platform.

You can get several bonuses: one bonus per each deposit. The amount of each obtained bonus is added to the existing one.You can activate the bonus within November 1st to November 31st. After this period the bonuses that you have not activated expire. Internal transfers are not considered as deposits.

Bonus can be withdrawn from an account after the required lot volume has been traded. Keep in mind that when you trade Stocks,1 lot= 0.1 standard lot. Consider it when you fulfill the bonus conditions.The retention time of the bonus is 6 months.

The required lot volume is calculated according to the formula: bonus amount divided by 2
Your deposit: $1000
100% bonus: $1000
1000/2=500 lots

Bonus funds are not included in calculation of Margin Call and Stop Out levels.If your account balance or Equity (excluding the bonus funds) fall below 30% of the bonus amount, the bonus will be canceled.
For example:
Your bonus funds = $1000
Your equity = $1200
1200-1000 = 200 (less than 30% of the bonus funds) => The bonus is cancelled

It's available to apply for bonuses when deposit repeatly. But if you are at a loss, the new bonus amount is equal to the deposit amount minus the loss amount.
For example:
Your first deposit: $1000
First 100% bonus: $1000
Then you lose $200, and deposit another $1000
The amount of new bonus =  $1000 - $200 = $800

When the required lot volume is traded, you can apply for bonus funds withdrawal by sending a claim email to
If you withdraw before the transaction volume is reached, the bonus will be completely removed.

The maximum total bonus amount is $100,000.
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Risk Warning

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